Amsterdam UMC

Martine de Bruijne is Professor of Public Health, especially Quality of Care at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc.

Martine is trained as a public health physician (1998), as well as in health informatics (1991) and clinical epidemiology (PhD 1997). Since 2001 she works as a researcher at AmsterdamUMC.

Her research is directed at teamwork to optimize quality and safety of care, evaluation of the national patient safety program for hospitals, and the influence of patient related factors. Currently, her research is connected to national developments on value based health care.

She is responsible for education on public health and health care organization with a focus on quality and safety in health care at VUmc medical school and VU Health Sciences

Martine de Bruijne — Amsterdam UMC – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (

Dr. Judith Jelsma is working as senior researcher at the department of public and occupational health (Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands). 

She has a background in Human Movement Science and Epidemiology. Her research interests are foremost in the field of behavioural change and lifestyle medicine. She is a real teamplayer and excited to start working with the Tools4Team consortium. 

Judith Jelsma — Amsterdam UMC – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (